September 6, 2018

5 Ways to Avoid Unhealthy Habits This Season

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This time of year is often one of the busiest. School is in full swing, and weekends are filled with sporting events and family gatherings. Not to mention, when the holidays arrive, time seems to fly by even faster. Often, our health and fitness efforts take a backseat until the New Year commences and resolutions roll. In fact, a 2017 study examining people’s stress levels found that 60 percent of those polled experience guilt and regret for their eating habits during the holidays. Stay motivated this season with these healthful tips. 

Practice mindful eating, not mindless.
It’s easy to overeat, especially with frequent get-togethers and events during this time of year. Be realistic when dishing up your plate by exercising portion control. A little goes a long way. Eating junk food and emotional eating can trick your brain into thinking you’re still hungry when, in fact, you may not have even been hungry to begin with.

Make a plan and ask for help.
Preparing for company and family trips can take a toll on your mind, body and well-being. Enlist others to help you accomplish your seasonal goals. Having an accountability partner can also help encourage healthy habits. 

Incorporate activity into your routine.
Even parking farther away at the store can help you become one step closer to staying healthy during these fall months. Go for a walk before and after big meals, or set goals and limits for rich foods. Overindulging can lead to energy crashes, bloating and unsavory effects for your body.

Get enough ZZZs.
When you don’t get the sleep your body needs, irritability and stress are soon to follow. Whether it’s a jam-packed fall schedule or family and friend drama, take action to prevent and manage potential stressors. Anticipate situations and get adequate rest, a good seven to nine hours for the average adult, to rejuvenate your health. 

Wash your hands and prevent the seasonal cold.
With guests flowing in and out, lots of germs can be spread during the holidays. Cover your cough, use tissues when sneezing and wash your hands frequently. Even an illness as simple as the common cold can weaken your immune system. 

Take these tips to heart this season and do yourself a favor by strengthening your body’s overall health.

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