July 27, 2018

Walk Your Way to Better Health

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Good heart health starts with good physical activity. Studies suggest that walking at moderate intensity, four days a week may lower the risk of heart disease. Walking is a low impact exercise that eases joint pain, boosts immune function and counteracts the effects of weight-promoting genes. Walking is one of the most simple, positive changes you can make to improve your heart health, and it’s free, easy, social and great exercise! 

Improving cardiac risk factors and chronic diseases, walking has the potential to play an important role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Seven hours of weekly physical activity could reduce the risk of early death by as much as 40 percent. A 2002 study from the New England Journal of Medicine found that those who got 30 minutes or more of physical activity, five or more days per week had a 30 percent lower risk for cardiovascular disease compared to those who did not walk regularly. 

You don’t need any special equipment to walk in your average, day-to-day schedule. The more you walk each week, the more your health benefits you will receive. Walking five to six miles a week can prevent arthritis from forming. Walking also protects the joints by lubricating them, strengthening the muscles that support them.  

You can make walking more challenging by adding weights — ankle or handheld. Remember to keep good posture by standing up straight, keeping your eyes forward and your shoulders back and relaxed. Enjoy the beautiful summer weather by going for a walk with some friends!

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